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Tourette Syndrome - Now What? Guestbook 5

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November 15, 2003

My son was diagnosed with tourettes when he was six years old. It got in the way of his education and in eleventh grade ... we agreed to let him quit and take his GED. My son is 20 years old now and still shows signs of tourettes when he is in uncomfortable situations like stressful family events and conversations. He has throat clearing sounds and head and neck twitches and body twisting still to this day. PLEASE LISTEN ... what has worked for him is the same treatment prescribed for patients with cancer and glaucoma ... YES ... I'm saying that marijuana makes his ticks absolutely go away. I love my son so much and feel so bad that most of his life he has had to deal with the embarrassment and hiding his ticks and frustration that this disease causes. So, please do not turn a deaf ear when I tell you that marijuana is a HUGE help. Unfortunately it is difficult to find work when you are being tested and marijuana is found. So, I guess my question to you is ... are there any studies that have done this type of research, as far as trying the use of marijuana. If not do you think there ever will be because I can tell you it is definitely better than any of these meds with awful and I mean awful side affects. Please get back to me ... my son is such a wonderful kid and I wish he could maybe get a prescription for this type of help or something. Enough is enough with this disease if we know there IS something that DOES WORK ... WITHOUT A DOUBT! It would be such a shame, if in this world, we knew what a possible solution for Tourettes was and didn't fight to get heard and to help those suffering with this awful and socially unacceptable disease. Please get back to me. Please LISTEN!!!!!!! Sincerely, Luciana (loving, concerned, tearful mother of a tourettes victim)
Tammy Siwek
Pinnelas park Fl

Hi Dr.Laura im a big fan and i just want to say that i think what your doing is great.I mean your helping soo many people and there discisions you probealy got some people to stop doing rong and help there family and there lives. o and my dad loves you he has almost all your books we realy look up to you. Your a great idle and i thank uoy for helping soo many people.If you have a buddylist im me at zi dandi2424 or e-male me bye :-)
Long Island, NY

Thank You!!! my almost 7 year old son has just been dx w/ ts - The DR that we saw - a ped neuro- was not in the least helpful, she had NO INFO for me, couldn't recomend anyplace for research, so now i am Sean's self appointed advocate. Your site is full of great, mind easing, information. I will be using this site as a learning tool for myself and my son as we go along on this new journey.
shyla dawn asmus
flin flon, manitoba, canada

this is a good page. i have tourettes and im doing a 1000 word essay on my disorder in school and this page had alot of helpful information.. thanks
Timmins, Ontario, Canada

well ,as you can see my name is angele, i have tourette syndrome also, it`s not bad i have, with the tourette syndrom i have, i get angry a lot, very emotional, if any body would like to talk to me or ask questions i know certain stuff about Tourette Syndronme....give a n e-mail Chow
Sharon Hil
Tampa, FL

Hi: Need physician referal (Neurologist) for possible Tourette's in Tampa, FL
Heidi Formosa
Rome, Italy
Elizabeth L. Thames
Charleston, South Carolina

I have a 8 year old girl with TS, OCD, ADHD, Sleep Disorder and Severe Anxiety. We have great doctors here in Charleston. Since her DX I have done alot of research. Have any of you filed for SSI? How was your process (case)? Can you give me any advice? How do you learn to cope????????? AND WHEN?????? Any advice please send it to:

It was a pleasure to find your sight because it is so down to earth. I loved your info on statistical data because it is alarming to find so much of the info on TS lumped together with other real problems. I had it as a child and was never diagnosed, now I am TS free, my husband also had it as a child, but we both assumed it was a reaction on both of our parts to an extreemly disfunctional home environment. It is clearly not the case since my daughter, now showing symptoms of OCD and TS, has an ideal home life. It has been a journey of discovery for my understanding of my own past and what is going on with my daughter. Thanks for a great sight. It is my favorite. I am using it in my bibliography for a report I am doing on TS for my Child Development Class. Sincerly Kitty
Chris Steeves
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Well, My husband, 53, was just diagnosed with TS. 2 years ago he was having severe "seizures" which cost him his job. Prior to that, perhaps 10-11 years ago he was "whooping" in grocery store isles. And prior to that he'd tip his head to the side, as if to get a kink out, many, many times a day. Most recently, he has severe body flinging, and flailing and gutteral groans. Last night he ended up bopping himself in the head with one bad arm movement. Oh and for about 10 years or so he began showing signs of OCD. The last few months he's displayed wild outbursts. Pure rage where he pounds his fists onto the table or counter and once even put a hole in a wall and broke the windshield of our car with his fist. We've been married 15 years and he has progressively worsened. I don't know what he was like before 1986 but I did know about Panic Disorder, which he's had all along. Everything else has crept upon the scene over the last 15 years. My concern is that I have read that the onset is usually prior to age 18. He's never said anything about tics or behavior problems. So when did this all come about and why is it progressing instead of declining?
Kristen and Chelsie

We are doing a research project for our anatomy class. Your site has given us wonderful information and very insightful stories. We pray for all those with TS everyday and hopefully someday there will be a cure. Thanks again for providing us with a wonderful site.
kim rodan

Hi my name is kim and my 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with TS,OCD,FACIAL AND NOISE TICS AND SLEEP DISORDER ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO SHE HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED FOR SSI DISABILITY .But there is one thing i have a problem with and thatrs these schools here in north carolina they dont seem to want to help or understand my daughter they say shes normal we are going to treat her like all the others which means they are going to punish her like they do the others and that makes her so upset which makes her tics worse. So if anyone decides to move dont come to NC OR AT LEAST HARNETT COUNTY NC.THEY DONT NO HOW TO DEAL WITH KIDS WITH MEDICAL ISSUES.AND THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS WEBSITE I NEEDED TO VENT OUT A LITTLE TO PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND.
The Howards
Flomaton, AL.

daniel is 13yrs. old with TS.& OCD. how do we deal with puberty and everthing else,too?

my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and I have been going thru all of the emotions. I was reading and thought worse tics were eventually going to be coming. This site comforted me a little knowing that this is not true. I still have not come to terms yet, but I know I will one day.
Susan Williams

Wow! I reached this website in an attempt to help a child in my first grade class and found that my own son has all the symptoms of mild tourettes syndrome. I would like everyone to know that he has displayed ts symptoms since two years old. He began with head banging and then has gone through various ticks in his life such as eye blinking, shoulder shrugging,neck jerking (the scariest one)and smelling his hands. Most of these ticks vanished by the age of seven except for the eye blinking. I had taken him to the doctor and was told they were nervous habits. He also has allergies and so he has been taken to allergists too. My son is now fifteen and for some reason having ts has never really affected him. He is really popular, good at sports and we never even had ts diagnosed. I think many people have ts and don't even know it. He does have trouble with auditory processing in school and has difficulty paying attention but he is able to maintain a 3.0 in high school. He has never been in trouble in school and has always had lots of friends. I hope this gives many of you hope when you are told your child has ts.
Jackie Boudreaux
Prairieville, La

My son, who is 10 was diagnosed with TS at the age of 8 when his 3rd grade teacher(Bless her!) suggested he be checked because of noises and sudden outburst. We always thought it was something and had him checked from eyes to allergies. It all started with small tics, sometimes they would go away for months and he would squeak at times, but nothing severe. I guess I never really dealt with the issue that my (perfect) son had a "syndrome". Now the head twitching is more and more and so are the sounds he makes. Although he really seems fine with it, I guess I am the one that needs to come to terms with it. There are moments I watch him and wonder does it really affect him and he doesn't say anthing? Anyway, thanks for the great site. It was very encouraging. Please it anyone feels lead to response, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have mild tourettes, but have not been diagnosed yet. (My brother has though, and I've been having tics since before he was born.) We know I have tourettes, but now I'm a college student, and I'm finding my tics are increasing rapidly, and they are getting increasingly harder to not have others notice. The last three months have shown a rapid increase to the point it's extremely distracting. Can anybody give me tips on how to deal with this? This is a frustrating thing for me to deal with. I came to understand my TS years ago, but now it's a lot worse than it's ever been. Any ideas?
Peyton, Colorado
Jean Georges
Garden Grove, Ca

This is a great web-site! I have 3 kids and a husband with TS. I am a volunteer and an advocate for the Southern California TSA. I love your positive perspective on this web-site. It is so important to keep that in balance and live successful happy lives with our wonderful TS loved ones. One person asked me once, "If you knew your first child had TS, why didn't you stop having children?" I looked at her amazed and said, "For the same reason I wouldn't stop having kids because of the color of their eyes. All my kids are wonderful compassionate, creative and beautiful gifts to the world!" I hope we can spread the word that TS is part of what makes them the great people who they are, but it does not define them. They are much more than that!

Our daughter has TS, no suprise it runs in my husbands family. Glad to read the 1st letter about the lady wasting time worring about the next episode. Think I will take her advice and let it go, not worring about tomorrow.
New Zealand

HI my daughter 11 years suffers from Tourettes and would like a pen pal to write to. If anyone would like to write to Krystin please email me
August 21, 2003

I think your attack on Dr. Laura concerning this issue is wrong. I completely understand your position because I have lived with TS for years. I think you are over reacting and that a middle ground could have been found.


Can someone tell me where I can find a list of support groups. I am looking in Knoxville Tn. area. Thanks

Kathy B.
Sayre, Pa

I just found this site and am very impressed. I was looking for information since my 11 year old grandson was just diagnosed with this. It is very informative.

southern california

Hello,my son was brought home in the backseat of a police car from school because he was making too many noises in his 5th grade class. how do you get teachers, and principles to understand its the tourettes,with comorbid disabilities, and not just him being a bratt!


my 11 yr. old son has multiple diagnosis's. he has adhd,ts,ocd,ied,possible bipolar, and possible rage seizures. it difficult to know what behaviors are from his medical dx's, and what behaviors are his just being a kid?

Mom Devine
Sacramento, California

We have a 4 year old boy who is the youngest of 5 children. Who knew at first that TS was the reason he was acting out. We found an excuse for every action. This is harder on the family than we thought...not just him. Thanks for the site...I'll take family advice!

Morgan City, La

I have a 23 yr old son who has TS,very very bad. We have tried every medication but seems to keep getting worse. We have seen a internal dr,muscle movement dr and a nurological dr in our area. He was just put on Prolexin today we will see how it works for the next couple of wks. We are just starting over at this point.So any other info would be appreciated. Any physicians in LA that specialize in TS please let me know! Thanks

Tina Matney
New Castle, Indiana

My newphew is 19 yrs old and has tourette syd. I want to learn anything that I can to help him have a good, healthy, secure life. Thank you for your research. Tina



samantha mountifield
portsmouth, hampshire, england

hi im a mother of 4 children ,i suffer from ts and my twin bouys 8 also have ts and possibly adhd,i have found it very hard as not many people understand what it is,luckly the school they go to are helping me with the boys it is very slow progress but im determind to get there.after looking through all the websites i can see im not the only one with ts and having kids with ts.this website has made feel more positive and more determind to get the help my boys deserve.

June Rachelson-Ospa
New York, NY

Check us out..Award-winning Musical on Tourette Syndrome written by myself and my son with TS. We've been seen by over 10,000 school children.

July 1, 2003
Harrisburg, PA

WOW! This is by far the best TS site I have seen so far. I was diagnosed w/ TS at age 20 after a long year of doctor's visits. It has been one question after another since then. To all the people that have not been diagnosed until adulthood, YOU ARE NOT ALONE as I thought I was. Thanks for all the answers and help!!! I am currently very successful, working in the Behavioral Health field and am hopeful the new medication Topomax will help. Of course I'll do my homework first:) 
Sandra Rooney
FIFE scotland

Nice to see some information thats not all doom an gloom!

Hi ,it's so great to have found this site. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with TS last year. He has two older cousins who have TS and my sister has a nephew on her husbands' side of the family that has TS.Most of them are adults now and doing well. If it hadn't been for them I would have freaked when hearing the news from his Dr. My son does very well with it partly because of seeing how well our other family members are doing and partly because he's always done so well at taking things in stride. He is having side effects from the meds that he's on that are intolerable.And still having very bothersome tics. I was wondering if anyone has had success or experience for controlling symptoms by diet? I'm asking this because I had been on these drugs all my life (in misery). I was only able to get off of them when I found out that I probably have Celiac Disease.Cutting out gluten, the offending protein, has enabled me to start a whole new life.It's a long story but I do feel that diet may be the key to controlling at least some of the symptoms of TS. 

I was 15 years old when i was dignosed of having touretts syndrome and aspergers. My symptons included - humming , spitting , swearing, shaking my head , touching evreything and ussally breaking it, sucking in my stomach so hard that i would have a continues stomach ache , singing, twithing my nose, checking my feet for dog mess, etc.. my mother took me to the docters when i was about 2 years old and he said that i was just a phase and it would pass, but then i got into trouble with the police and he said it might be touretts sydrome so i went to the docters again and he put me on some medication witch was allfull i was sudeced all the time, i would just sleep and feel tiered all the time, after a short while i was transferd to a speacialist who dignosed me of having touretts and aspergers syndrome, 1 year later and i am fine im going college to study catering, im ok as long as i take my medication feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have my e-mil address is 
Auckland, New Zealand

My 8 3/4 year old son seems to have TS. We have read extensively about TS over the years. I am devastated - crying all the time - not sleeping, trying desperately to come to terms with it for his sake. We live in Auckland/New Zealand (there seems to be no children in the whole of New Zealand with TS!! We have been very low key about his tics so as not to stress him. He has shown some funny stuff since he was 2 or even younger but these were diagnosed as 'stereotypies in a non autistic child'. The first tics appeared about 10 months ago - mainly hand smelling, blinking, eyes opening wide, making grimacing type faces, shaking hair from eyes, mouth opening - plus some ritualistic type movements (which he has had since 2)- like gripping a small toy/pencil between both hands and bringing it close to his eyes and juddering his clasped hands together at the same time - not a fast moevement. He also has some favourite words like poo, snaggle etc. although its hard to ascertain if there are vocal tics!  He is a little sweetie, kind, very funny, CURRENTLY, bright, happy and confident and quite popular. We are so very frightened for him and very afraid his condition will get much worse over the coming months/years. That his peer group will reject him - he loves his friends and social life so very much! My sister had some facial tics and OCD, although now resolved.  My other sister has a mild blinking tic and has for 40 years - has caused her no probs! My husbands brother has a couple of vocal tics, sniffing, throat clearing, shoulder moving etc. and his daughter has a vocal tic squeaking and excessive worrying.  DOES THAT MEAN WE BOTH HAVE THE TS GENE? WHAY ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THAT SCENARIO FOR OUR SON? This is the best website I have come across - very helpful and positive. Please anyone from Auckland/New Zealand with a child with TS post a message for us. Many thanks
michael (when the server is up)
Chesterfield, VA

This is such a nicely done page. The attitude is so open and positive. A nice resource. I've heard such nice things about you from my wife, Julie C. Best wishes. michael
Kimberley M.
Tampa, FL

HI, My daughter has not yet been diagnosed, but she has many of the signs and symptoms of TS and ADHD. almost all of her symptoms just started occuring in the last month,although a few of them such as the sniffing, have been around for longer. the newest symptoms are the eye blinking, eye rolling, nose twitching, smelling of hand, squealing, animal sounds...etc. I have researched TS, and ADHD pretty thoroughly over the last week, and Kailey also exhibits all but four of the characteristics I found for that. I would also like to ask if anyone can tell me wether or not holding air in mouth (cheeks poofed out) is or can also be a symptom of TS. she started doing that one a few days ago. At first I just thought that maybe she had allergies on some of the things, or maybe she was doing it for attn, so I tried to ignore it as much as possible, but as soon as her eyes started rolling, I got scared, and began to research the problem, all of it pointed to Tourettes. So here I am, scared, and not knowing what to do, or where to turn. I dont even know how to act around my own child! If there is anyone out there that can give me some help, ideas, suggestions, etc. It would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou so much! Sincerely, Kim, and Kailey

We just found out our son has TS and,I just found your website. Thank You for your inspirational website.
Hamilton,  Ontario

My nephew (age 7) was just diagnosed with Tourette's. It's great to find a site with helpful information. Thanks so much!
North Granby, CT
June 1, 2003
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi I'm a 23 year old sufferer of mild Tourettes and severe ADHD and possible OCD and can I get some advice on how to stop this compulsive humming that I do and have done since childhood????? I don't do it when concentrating I do it when on public transport, in the shower and when in a car and it's really embarrassing when Mum says something to me about and it's worse having TS as a gay female and is there anyway I can contact other females with TS??
melinda w
claremont, ca

Hi, it's my first time here I have tourette syndrome I am 48 I was not properly diagnosed for a long time, it's been about 5yrs now. I also have 0CD which is my main problem, especially since hoarding is my main problem. Medication has not helped yet, I'm looking at hospitals and clinics that offer behavior modification. I live in southern california. Thank you for this very informative site.
Diane Dufour
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

I love your site. It is the best of all the ones I perused. Instead of scaring me it calmed me down and let me look at things in perspective. Thanks, Diane

Emily Rahilly
Portsmouth, RI

My son hasn't even been diagnosed, but his tics are unmistakable TS. The neurologist said it may or may not be TS, now go home and enjoy your lives! That was 4 years ago, and we do enjoy our lives. I wish I had found this web page 4 years ago, but I got to "So What" on my own. I visit the site every day - THank you soooooooo much!
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm a mother of a 11 yr old boy with torrettes and adhd and autism we need support from our community to help him thrive.
May 1, 2003

Autumn notestine
Fannettsburg,  PA

I just wanted to say you did a nice job on your site i guess i dont have turettes im just intrusted in the genetic disorder.

Maria R

im doing a research project on TS so i can help childern with TS
Amy B
Oklahoma City  OKlahoma

great site!!!!!!!

What a comfort it is to know I have somewhere to turn!

Kathy Watkins

Your pages are a great start to learn about TS. I went undiagnosed for 35+ years. Now I am persuing info because my son has been showing the symptoms. Thank You...I'll be back

Just found out my son has Tourette syndrome, this information has been very helpful.
Centennial Colorado

My 12 year old son has Tourette and I am looking for a support group.
Colleen Srigley, David Poole and Tyler Srigley-Poole
Ontario Canada

Our son was diagnosed over one week ago but we knew something was wrong 4 years ago but nobody knew anything...he has not only been diagnosed with Tourettes he also has an immune deficiency which requires him home schooled and minimal contact....he had a major bowel reconstruction done almost 2 years ago which almost cost him his life....but anyone who would like to contact us it would be greatly appreciated. Thanking everyone who has made this educational experience lighter for us we thank you in advance. Colleen, David and Tyler and his baby brother and big sister (ryan and jess)
anita cook

my son now thirteen was diagnosed with adhd at the age of five. we have gone through many medications. i have been very frustrated over the years as a single parent. now touretts is in the picture i feel that the more stress my son is under brings the t.s. out even more. we is a dr. regularly, now i need to decide what else if any thing ther is i can do for him. anita (can.)

I am twenty years old, and me, my seventeen year old brother, and my mother all have tourettes. With a sudden change in the severity of my tics, I've gone looking for more information about Tourettes, this is an interesting site. To anybody who has children that were recently diagnosed, please don't forget that they are the same person you've always loved. They haven't changed any, now their tics just have a name, that's the only difference. A person can learn to deal with tourettes, and when it comes down to it, it's hard to decide where I begin, and where the tourettes end, there is no definitive line, tourettes is who I am, and I'm proud of that. Teach your children to be proud of who they are too, no matter what.
Lora Hagendorf
Boerne Tx.

Thank you so much for this info. Tomorrow I am taking my 7 year old son to see a Nerologist. We are concerned he may have TS. He is presenting with many of the Ts symtoms, and my stomache has been in knots. I feel alot more optomistic now that I've read your story. Thanks again. Lora...
Byesville Ohio
bournemouth  uk

very interesting site thank you for developing it.
Ray Richmond
West Hollywood California
mary archer
littleton colorado

when i read the relief in the previous page, i just thought..yea, that's it!! I do feel relief. this diagnosis has answered so many questions we have had over the past year or so. i just never dreamed, and i mean this, it never ever occurred to me, or to my son's dad, that these little concerns we had about Joseph were all related. And I'm "relieved" to find out they are. THank you for setting up this website. i am really enjoying reading all you have here. A footnote to my thoughts here...once we discovered that joseph has TS, we, my husband and I, both had light bulbs go off in our heads...he has it too! What an eye-opener! John has been living with the same similar symptoms since he was Joseph's age, and we just never connected the dots. YOu know, like my mother-in-law saying.."that's funny, John developed a tic at about the same age as Joseph.." Now it all fits together. John throws his arm out for now reason, and we joke that he, the only non-Catholic in the bunch of us, is always doing the sign of the cross! So here we go on this new journey, learning about both my son and my husband with new, more patient and understanding eyes

Thank you for having a positive site where I can learn about my son's opportunities
Jill Parr
York PA

I am glad I found this site. makes me more optimistic but i am still disturbed by the tics. It causes me distress to see and hear my son make these noises
judie nedelman

my daughter has ts, she is now 16 years old and her symptoms have changed. I went on your website to find some positive information
Ellie Whitmore

Thanx this has made me think, it has helped my friend through the really hard times and now i am putting flyers at our local hospital about ts, people will be able to understand, and accept. thanx so much you have helped me understand everything

This site has help me through denial to acceptance. I have also learned alot, and appreciate the support I recieve from everyone here! Thanks
Margaret Roberts
Grtr Manchester England

Have just found out my grandson has ts and your page has made me understand that my little sweety is normal thank you
Nicole Walton
f dean

I find this site a very imformative and has made life more optimistic

Wonderful site for information on TS. a friends's son was diagnosised last year and this site has been helpful in understanding TS. keep up the good work
Melissa McManis

Thanks for being here in our time of need
Alan E. Mushen
Tillamook Oregon

A special educator and community college instructor with a vital interest in Tourette Syndrome

Thank you so much! We are investigating whether our son has PANDAS, and you provided so much useful information, suitable for giving to the doctore, plus helpful links. Thank you so much!
Kate Copen

Can anyone provide me with information regarding conferences for/with people with Tourette's? Good site...thanks for the resource
Charleston South Carolina

I am shocked my Dr. L's behavior! I'm no longer a fan. I am helping raise a 19 yr. niece with a severe case of Tourettes. We have attended many weddings with little to no problems from her Tics and the brides have always been happy to have us attend

i just want to say that if i could, id do anything to help any1 in need
Kanetoshi Hattori, Ph.D.
Takamatsu City
Kagawa Pref. Japan

Professor, Psychology Graduate School of Education Kagawa University
Palatine IL

My daughter has vocal tics. Initially, there was a period where they were very disruptive and pronounced, but with age, they have receded to be almost unnoticeable. My son has exhibited very mild motor tics through the years. Just recently, he had been prescribed Adderall. After having taken that med for just 5 days, the motor tics became more pronounced. Also, his eyes started to twitch with the tic, too. I took him off the Adderall immediately. It is now 3 days later, and the new tics I believe were triggered by the Adderall have not yet subsided. Does anyone have any experience with tics that have been exacerbated by meds like Adderall or Ritalin or Concerta, and then had those meds withdrawn? Do those later-onset tics eventually recede? My son is so distressed by these recent tics. He is also being treated for depression at this time, related to some family problems, and he's having a hard time in general. I would appreciate anyone's insight or experience with a similar scenario
R Stephens
stephens @

My younger brother has TS along with mild mental retardation, OCD, and other diagnoses. Now my five year old son is exhibiting symptoms of some type of "movement disorder." My brother has had more than a particularly difficult time. I have been in a state of panic over the past few days as new behaviors have seemed to progress at an alarming rate in my son. Your website is helping me to keep my head. I just hope I can keep it in the morning when I see my sweet, intellligent, social, humorous son exhibit symtoms of TS. There has been no "diagnosis" of TS and the realization of the possibility of one is only days old. I , at this point, have only experienced TS through my brother's experiences. I needed this positive prognosis presented to me and I believe it will help me as I interact with my sweet son. I thank you for your words of encouragement. Wish me good luck and have us in your prayers
roberta lachine
ont canada
Schaumburg IL

Would like help from anyone in locating a physician that has experience in treating a 10 year old with TS and ADHD. Your sight is very informative and reassuring for a mother who is sure that her one twin has TS and then maybe also the other one too. Thanx
terry harding
lincoln nebraska
Lottie and Richard Ahrens
Santee  CA

i love your show. I wish my grandaughter would call you re: her abusive Air Force husband. She is going to divorce him but is hesitating about moving away because of her 2-year-old daughter who may not be his real child or not. She is afraid she will be depriving her baby of her Dad but if he is abusive she should. It is only a matter of time until he hurts the child and he has already scared her badly. Is it possible for you to call her? She listens to you from time to time but works so she does not get you every day. She would take your advice. She is very naive and this is her second abusive relationship. My daughter died at 26 when my granddaughter was almost 9. Please help. I don't think I could stand to lose another one of my kids, either grand or great-grand. I have 4 great-granddaughters. I love you and your show. Please do not let anyone get in your way of telling the truth we all need so badly. God bless you and yours
Ruth Tremblay
Ottawa  Canada

Thanks for the information
Paul R. Marshall
Fontana CA

I was hoping that you would add my site to your TS links and I will add your site to mine and your groups to my groups page. I will use your site icon for my link. Let me know. Thank you. Tourette Syndrome - Spectrum Disorder Paul Marshall

My 6yr old has recently been diagnosed, and I have been looking at lots of sites, this one is really, interesting and positive!
lori mcdonough
dalton pa 18440
Suzi McKee
Kingsport TN

I am concerned that my husband, Jeff, suffers from TS and would like to talk to someone about his syptoms. Please contact me at the email address above or call me at 423-279-0528. Thank you, Suzi McKee
Steve Conroy

Site looks really great. I think this is a great source you've developed
crystal clement
kitchener ontario canada

I am exactly as you first described in your first paragraph starting to panic my son is 6 and just diagnosed as tourette and i am scrambling more to understand then anything he is really off the wall. and by reading just that one sentance makes me feel a lot less crazy. thanks a bunch you have helped more then you know

God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ, the ultimate healer. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? " Romans 3:23 NIV says "for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". "God will give to each person according to what he has done. To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil. "Romans 2:6-9NIV. The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. They will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.Matthew 13:41-42 NIV. THE GOOD NEWS: John 3:16 says God loves us so much that he gave his only son so that we may have eternal life. " ...If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved." Romans 6:23 NIV"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" Romans 10:9-10 NIV. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."1 John 1:9 NIV. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5: 17 NIV.
Olympia WA

Great website- you may also be interested in the Handle Institute in Seattle WA. Excellent work with children and adults with TS
Parkersburg WV

Hello. I am a paramedic intern doing a research paper on Tourette's syndrome. I have appreciated this web site and am very happy to have found so many things that I did not know before that I do know now. All of the information has helped me in my research and greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hallo! My name is Hermann Krämer and I’m from Germany. It was very interesting to read about you from all over the world here in the guestbook on this website! I’m 46 years old and I live 34 years with TS. It’s a very long time ... There is no medication which could help me up to now! I could reduce some of my motor and vocal tics by a low-animal-protein nutrition. I eat lots of raw and cooked vegetables + fresh fruits. This special diet was recommended by an aged doctor, specialized on allergic diseases. Another possibility to reduce the level of my TS is to avoid drinking coffee, black and green tea! I wish you all the best!!!! Never give up the fight for a better life !!! Bye bye Hermann Krämer Tourette Syndrome Homepage: (German language)
Bonnie Poirier
Kingsclear New Brunswick Canada

I posted something last night and came to look if there was any responses and saw that my post was gone. How come. Anyways, I need to know if someone out there has any info on the educational rights or TS kids...ANYONE

Bonnie Poirier
New Brunswick Canada

Hi, I was surfing antoher site that brought me here. What a wonderful site. So easy to understand. That's a bonus. Well, we have four kids. Two boys who are 12 and 10 and two girls who are 8 adn 6. The 10 and 6 year old both have TS. [Mild] Although the 6 has not been diagnosed, she has tics. Anyways, tomorrow we have yet another case conference at my sons school due to his behaviour. I am needing ANY information that can help me deal with his rights for being in school. He is in grade 5 and this is the first year since starting school that he is in full days. He is on two different meds. Webutrin for his tics, and respiradole for his aggression. I am lost. Does anyone know where to turn to get support when the school does not seem to have compassion for my child. We're stuck.THANKS

My son is nine and is very well adjusted developmentally in all aspects. I simply tell people that my son has a tic disorder, which is a movement disorder where his brain can not help him prevent some of his vocal and motor actions. I have researched hundreds of websites and spent hours trying to study what I can do for him. This is the best website that I have discovered thus far. I think my son is completely normal and doesn't have all those other scary tic behaviors and comorbid conditions that one reads so much about on the other websites. The Yale Study was very encouraging. I am very appreciative of your balanced presentation on the more "silent" majority of children with tics. This website is a very good presentation and still provided the empathy for those with serious ticcing problems and co morbid conditions. Previous , to discovering this website I felt like such a loner trying to grasp information on arm thrusting, neck jerking, sniffing , throat clearing that exist without other more complex tics and comorbid conditions. I felt vulnerable to getting slammed for not appreciating that it least is not as worse as some , but yet so scared because what I was seeing was still scary to me from my individual parenting perspective. Thank you for your website. It is the best in my opinion. Shelly
Paul Busch
hamburg ny us

I am 27 years old and have never actually been diagnosed with TS. After reading this and several other websites, there is little doubt in my mind that i have TS. It makes me wonder why my parents never had me checked out for this. I went through much grief as a child for the numerous tics that i still have to this day. Fortunatly the tics are not as apparent as they were back then. There are times,still that i feel people are looking at me funny. oh well. Reading your information has been very helpful. thank you!
Lisa Martinez

Thank you-I am not alone..
Cape Coral FL

I despise Dr. Laura, she's only a 'doctor' of exercise physiology anyway. But as for having a 12-year-old with tourettes syndrome... if he has the kind where he shouts out loud, then hell yeah he should be excluded from the wedding! The wedding is the BRIDE's day, and she's already proved she's a fool, because she's MARRYING some GUY. So she's entitled to have a 'pleasant' wedding... why would you take your kids to someone's wedding anyway? That's just plain rude. Anyway, I don't believe for a SECOND that there is a 'disease' that makes a person 'yell swearwords' out loud. That's as silly as thinking that homosexuality is NOT perversion, and IS some kind of 'natural way of being'. Bullshit
New Jersey

this is a wonderful site you have put up. it also is very helpful for those who do research on this syndrome
N Roberts
Skelmersdale Lancashire England

I am a mum of a 16yr old girl with TS and am looking for info, I have found a lot from tripod and also this site thank you
michael knossow
not yet available
jerlem israel

self diagnosed tourette syndrom (i am an internist struggling all my life with adhd especilly ad)
Catherine mclean
Bonique Paquot
santa teresa new mexico

We are doing a seminar on Tourette Syndrome, thank you for the excellent information that you have given here
La Crosse WI

Have been doing research into tic disorders. Our now 10y.o. son was initially evaluated nearly two years ago, at the prompting of his teacher, for ADD, and judged to have ADD without hyperactivity (more probs with focusing). Then last year we had him seen by our local neurologist after discussing behaviors we'd be seeing for nearly a year (head shaking, eye blinking, throat clearing, etc) and were told he had "chronic motor and vocal tic disorder". Now, after reading up more on it, I'm feeling he has TS, vs chronic tic disorder (due to the combination of tics), though don't have an official diagnosis. I'm a nurse, and think I'm having a more difficult time with this than my son, and am probably worrying for naught. Am concerned about the long term effects and the "stereotyping and labelling", esp. in the school arena (am curious to see what the site you refer to with Leslie Parker about educational advocacy says). I found your site VERY informative---you'd never know you aren't a medical worker! I will try to learn as much as I can and have more discussion with our son's MD. Thanks for your insight! Would love to hear from you sometime (or anyone else out there who has suggestions---esp. regarding who to see in our area). Liz
Ethan Whitaker
Seattle WA

My four year old daughter, Abigail, has reciently been diagnosed with Tourette's. I have done some research and have learned that onset before the age of eight is unusual, and symptoms are more severe in early cases than otherwise. My daughter's doctor has prescribed an anti-hypertensive drug called clonidine, and we are hoping for a decrease in her vocal and motor tics. If you have not heard of this drug, ask your doctor about it's potential in treating Tourette's
das Man
Modesto CA

Dr. Laura is a human being just like everyone else which means she is not perfect. Dr. Laura, learn to take responsiblitiy and apologize for your uneducated remarks regarding TICS
Deanne Johnson
Champaign IL

I am a single parent of a child with tourrettes. He was diagnosed at age 8. He other disabilities which include ADHD, OCD, Oppositional Defiant behavior and most recently a neuro-muscular disease which is crippling him. I am at my whits end. He is currently hospitalized for the 6th time and in about 2 weeks he will have to have reconstructive surgery to fix the crippling in his leg and foot. He is very angry and upset and has been extremely aggressive. It was suggested to me that I might try to write to this website and get some feedback from other parents who may have been through similar situations. I just do not know what to do. It seems as long as I still have breath in my body, they think I can still care for my son. I can't. He is 14 now and I have been taking care of him by myself since he was 2. He is a wonderful boy, very charming and smart, but he is very unpredictable with his aggression and cannot handle any change or stressful situations. I have a daughter who has no disabilities at all and you might say is perfect in every way. I thank God daily that she was not born with any disabilities. However, she is now being threatened by my son and I do not know where to turn or what to do. He is no longer safe in our home and I cannot seem to get the help I need to place him in a residential facility. I am just looking for any support, advise or anything at this point. I hope someone will respond back to me. I just do not know where else to go. Thank you for reading my comments. I look forward to hearing from you. Deanne
ginger Hughes
Big spring texas

I want to thank you for this web page. My 8 yr old son was diounoised with tourettes on wed. and i didnt know what to think about it. There are so many questions that i have and am having difficulties getting answered, even from the doctor. I have just glanced at your page but i think it will be very helpful to me. Thank you once again Ginger

My little brother has been diagnosed with Tourette's for about seven years now. He is now seventeen. He ulceratic colitis which doctor's feel is because of all the different medications used to try to see what would work best to control his tics. You could not ask for a sweeter child but he has certainly suffered from people not understanding his condition. The worst is the adults they perpetuate stereotypes and pass their ignorance on to their children. My cousin who is now five has always called his tics, hiccups. She has never know any different. He is now better, but their are still days he comes home from school and "throw-ups", which I mean tics uncontrollable because he has tried to hold them in all day. I wish people were more educated on this condition
Sunnyvale CA

Thank you for this website. My daughter was diagnosed with TS a year ago at the age of 8. She has times when her tics are barely noticable and times when they are constant. In fact our neurologist was very frank and encouraging when he gave us the diagnosis. He said that it is TS and that she has a mild case and the tics would ride like waves. There would be high points and there will be low points. He also said that in most cases TS will disappear by adulthood. Right now we are experiencing a high point. In fact they are so frequent that I had a panic attack which caused me to look for more information and lead me to your website. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information. It has helped me tremendously. I do believe that it freaks the parents out more than it does the child that actually has TS. There are times that I find it hard not to break down in tears thinking about what the future may hold for my daughter. So much of what you have on this website applies to her. Thank you again for this wonderful website!
Mike C.
Victoria British Columbia Canada

I have Tourette Syndrome. I started to show signs of TS at 5 years old. At 7 years of age my motor tics were out of control. My TS was so great, I was literally punching myself in the face. These uncontrollable conditions continued on until about age 11 when my Mom finally found a specialist who knew exactly what I had. From there I was prescribed "TS" medication to help suppress my tics. The medication helped greatly with the larger uncontrollable tics, but to my surprise did little for my smaller motor tics. At age 14 I went off of the medication due to major side affects (this can happen after many years taking the same meds). It was months later that I discovered except for the odd mild TS tic, I was free from most of my condition. I'm 26 now and this remains the same to this day. My younger brother also has TS, and as he gets older, the condition for him like it did for me becomes somewhat dormant. Sure I still get the odd major "TS Attack", but now only rarely. Hopefully, that is where it's going to stay! Feel free to email questions/comments
Sue Perry
Mount Annan NSW Australia

Thank you for being down to earth
Lynn Galbraith
Delta Ohio United States

Very informative. Grandson just diagnosed at the age of 10
Stephany Leistritz
Austin Texas

My daughter (5yo)was just diagnosed with TS and OCD on Monday. Thank you for this website. I have been so afraid these last few days. This website has given me a new perspective on TS. I feel like we can just go on with life instead of living in fear of what could happen. Thank you very much for your honesty and insight! -Stephany Leistritz
Jim Bell
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Great site, it is good to hear some positive news. The last 3 months have been horible since the diagnosis. I am still not sure how I feel, some days I think no big deal then afterseeing a neurologist who tells me forget about the TS and worry about the ADD and says my son will probably drop out of school before High School. This guy has me depressed. Thanks For the Positive Info Jim Bell
Mrs Lindberg
Dixon CA

with all due respect, a child or adult with tourettes would be a difficult distraction to any formal event. As far as a wedding is concerned, the couple should have their special moment without profanities screamed in the background. They have the rest of their married lives to welcome all members of the family to other gatherings. Why is it so important to take a stand about a brief exclusion?
Stacy R,
November 2002
Thomas Johansen
Esbjerg,  Denmark
November, 2002

Does anyone know if antidepressants like Efexor reduce or minimize the effect of Clonidin?
Miami, OK

My son who is 5 was diagnosed last year with Tourettes, and it took us till last month to finally get him the medical help we needed for him. Any information is helpful regarding this, my other 4 children are be evaluated now to see if they too may have this, my 1 year old already has epilepsy. 
Sabrina Wellman
Balch Springs, Texas

No comment, just checking out your site. It's very well done. I will enjoy coming back to read some more when I have more time.
cambria, ca 93428

im looking for medical treamentfor ts inthis eara age 64 
carmen delfino pena
phoenix, arizona

My son is 6. diagnosed yesterday. Iam completely overwhelmed & need as much help & info as possible. please contact me.  God Bless You
Jenifer Reynolds
Mount Airy, NC

I love your show. I watch it everyday.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I'm a 23 year old woman with ADHD and mild TS and they say that laughter is the best medicine that life can provide :) LIVE FOR TODAY AND BE HAPPY
roy clemence
west allis, wisconsin

thank you

Wow!!!! I have a newly diagnosed 12 yr. old son and to know we are not alone and that there are educated,informed folks out there helps so much!!!! Thanks for the website! :)
Billy Britten
Wayside, TX

I have had TS since I was about 10 years old. But I have a question, Does smoking effect TS?
Mary Miller
Kennesaw, GA

We think our 2 1/2 year old may have TS. Your web site is one of the more helpful I've seen - to help me gain perspective. I plan to read the whole thing with more time. The bottom line is - he is a beautiful and sweet little boy. Chances are good that this will be a minor challenge. I certainly see your point that most of what is written about are the worst cases as are many of the folks in the online support groups. Thanks!
Mark Rowe
puyallup, WA 98374

Looking back over the last summer, the "eye allergies" I thought my 11 y/o son, Cory, was experiencing, were the beginning of his now head rolling, eye blinking tics. He went on Concerta after being on Ritalin for 4 years, and that's when the trouble started. I tend to want to find something to "blame" and usually turn to myself, unhealthy as that may be. He cries now, tells me he "wants to die" because of the tics, and I hold him and reassure him, but am not myself reassured that "all will be well" - we are on this journey together, starting today. His tics, for some reason, became so bad over the weekend that I have decided to pull him out of school until we can get this under control. I have to be strong and finding websites such as this one, is a huge help. I feel hopeless but I know we will get through this. The hardest part is being a single Mom with no other adult here in the house to turn to when I need to just cry. Quite literally, this is the first day I have come to fully realize my son's problem and I hope and pray that taking him off his concerta will help. I have lots to do today - contact his school, psychologist and pediatrician, and I have to work and take care of my other two boys. How do we get through this? I know, by the strength and love we have. My son is a beautiful, outgoing, funny bright shining light. I hurt because he hurts. Oh, how I wish this had never come to pass, but wishes won't make it all go away. Thank you for this site which has offered me hope and support. I hate not knowing what to do next - and yet I know that with time and patience it will all be sorted out. 
Victoria, Australia

a bit above me head but still practically wot i needed thanx signed tarah
Tomeca Heard
Plantersville, Alabama

I was ndoing a research speech about Tourette Syndrome and I spotted this wensite. I really got the information that I needed for my speech. Thanks Tomeca Heard
Pensacola, Florida

My 8 year old son has been diagnosed with P.A.N.D.A.S. and I have learned quite a bit from your website. Thanks for the info and links!
Ventura County, California

Thanks for your great website. My son was diagnosed with trasient tic disorder 1 year ago. Beginning of school causes extreme tics. We are in a bad place right now. I need support as I am trying to stay strong. He has full body tics, especially when tryig to go to sleep. I have so many questions and feel NO support from the many doctors we have visited over the last year. He had good results last year with a vitamin and supplements. He was on clonidine but became depressed. No meds since Jan 02, only vitamins. He is home schooling at this time. He wants to go back to school "when tics are gone". Very supportive principal.  Thanks for any comments or advice. 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Please consider that this is a symptom of something that has gone wrong. Modern diets are not able to perform the body's two main functions, build cells and eliminate waste. The brain breaks down and cannot heal itself with food that is not nutritious.  Nutrition is the answer, not drugs. Drugs try to hide the symptom. It is a long, hard, but simple journey to find the truth about food and healing the body. It is worth it. Find the truth and free these people from hell. 
Stephany Leistritz

My 5 1/2 year old has just been referred to a neurologist because the doctor believes that she may have TS and/or OCD. I have been looking on the internet for information and I see how her Dr thinks this. I'm very scared. I don't understand how one tic has turned so suddenly into an almost constant attack of many different vocal and motor tics so quickly. Please tell me the best websites to look at. I need information fast. Thank you, Stephany Leistritz

Hannah is 7, just diagnised. Right now her tics include eye blinking, upper lip movement and shoulder tics. She has had throat clearing, tongue clicking and sniffing, although I didn't put that all together till just recently. But she is fine and happy as always.  it doesn't really bother her, so it doesn't bother me.
Joan Alice Maria Gibson, Esquire
Phoenix, Arizona

Learnt a lot of positive things about TS from you and feel a lot better about myself; hopefully, to feel less embarrassed and apologetic in future. Thanks Ever so.
Judy Simon
New York

It was very heartening to discover TS Now What. I found your website informative, accurate and up to date. I am on the board of the Long Island chapter of TSA and will certainly refer people who contact our chapter to your website. 
Judy Yu
Hong Kong SAR, 
Paul Marshall
Fontana, CA

Have been trying to get in touch with you on adding you to the webring, was hoping you would contact me. Paul
hollister, ca

I need help.
Garry Norton
chesterfield, derbyshire, england

My daughter has TS i'm sure. But she is doing great in school; hides it well and doesn't get teased. Copes. It worries me to death and I would like to hear of some methods of control that other sufferers have used... 
Toronto, Ont, Canada

I was just surfing the web looking for more information on TS. I now know more than before and to those that have TS and their families, I wish you all the best and hope that a cure will be found soon. Take care.
ana mccolgan

I teach fourth grade and am currently working on a graduate degree in guidance and counseling. As part of my graduate work, I am researching Tourettes Syndrome. I chose this topic because I have worked with several children who have TS during my years as a regular education teacher.  Currently, I work with a child whom doctors have diagnosed with TS. This child's tics are internal. I have not read anything about internal tics and was wondering if these types of tics are uncommon or just being misdiagnosed. If you have any information concerning internal tics or have TS with internal tics, please contact me. I would appreciate the information.

Thank you I needed this web site today because I just found out that after 6 years of thinking I had Bipolar Disorder that I actually have TS. I'm alone in this so it's a real shock to me. I'm doing alright though. Thanx!
Sara Hayden
London, england

I have only recently learned about TS in my a/s psychology lessons. i find it very interesting and have been trying to find out out about it but am not having alot of sucess on the internet. i have now resorted to trying to find people over the internet who have TS so i can find out more about it on a first hand basis.If you have TS and are willing to Email me about your expericences please do @ i am doing a presentation on TS in 4 weeks time so im gathering as much info as i can.
James E Kifer Jr
North East Pennsylvania

I want to say thankyou to you for your awsome web site. I am 29 years old and have lived with T.S. since I was 10 (only back then no one knew what it was and thought I was just"special"). I am not currently medically treated for this horrible diseas and know what its like to live with the tic's and vocalizations and reverbs day after day. anyone who wants to chat send me email I am always willing to answer questions. thanks jim
Richmond, IN
G. Deanne Ford
York Springs, PA

My grandson was finally diagnosed with T.S. less than a year ago, after being shuffled from one doctor to another. My daughter would like to know if anyone has tried any natural or herbal remedies. Some of his med makes him lethargic and he won't eat. Has lost a lot of weight. Tics are less, but don't go away.
Andrea Walker
Deerfield Beach
Michele Metcalf
Medina, Ohio

I have a newly diagnosed 4 year old with NS. We believe that both of his parents have it to. We are looking forward to learning more through your web sight. Thank You!!
Kathy Varkal
Bristol, CT, 06010

Thank you so much for such a wonderful site....I have a doctors appt tomorrow to begin the process of diagnosing what I think is evidence of Tourette Syndrome in my beautiful boy Cody...My brother has it...had a difficult childhood..but a wonderful adult life..I still remember the feelings I had surrounding his case..and always wished to God it was me and not him...I wish to God that same thing in relation to Cody..I am fearful...but know it is manageable..and does not define the person..I truly needed to click on a website like yours to get the strength to start this journey that I always hoped we would not be taking..I feel stronger and more hopeful now...Thank you....!! I look forward to comign here again..Thank you...and be well...Kath! 

Interested in learning all I can learn on all my sons' disorders so that I can help him. I have an 8 yr old son w/ TS, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety, And, Depression. Very challenging for the family and my little boy. Loved the website.
Constance Seabron
Newark, New Jersey

Thanks for all the information, I can now share it with the rest of my family
Martha Malo
Santiago, Region Metropolitana, CHILE

Hello, I am really worried about my husband. He has TS for many years but also he is having agressive and compulsive behavior. Sometimes he is adorable and sudenly he starts with recriminations, specially to our two teenagers children. I would like to know more about TS but for adults and how the family should act upon his behavior. He is not visiting any doctor.  Thank you in advance for your wise answer. 
Val Skinner
stephen stanners

Thank you for the reassurance that im not alone in my T S suffering. A big thank you Stephen
Elisa Whitlock
Incline Village, Nevada
Becky Waltner
hamilton, Ohio

My grandson was just diagnosed at the age of 12-1/2 with TS. He rolls his eyes mostly. He also coughs, and shakes his head.  I'm very thankful for your website and please send me via email any updated information you may have. He had been taking Ritalin, then Aderall (spelling?) for dx of addh since 1s grade. These meds never helped him with his learning at school. He has low self-esteem, but we are working on that. He is very athletic, extremely warm hearted and sensitive, all wonderful qualities.  He has unfortunately been labeled "lazy", and "disruptive" by past uneducated teachers and schools who will not take the time to help him. I wrote to the Superintendent of his schools last year and the child received NO HELP whatsoever. Principal and teachers were very uncooperative leaving me to figure it out by myself. He did have tutoring this summer, which has improved his reading skills. He can memorize bible verses no problem. He just needs a lot of encouragement and praise. I do see an improvement with his attitude and interest now that he older. He does get aggravated and angry. He leads a stressful life having two siblings, both younger, age seven and two. He is a very loving child and anyone who meets him and REALLY knows him, likes him. He gets along with children his age and younger. I found out today that he sits close to the front of his class which I think is where he needs to be. He is very popular at school with fellow classmates. Only teachers with attitudes of "Do it my way or problems will occur. Oh well, TS, SO WHAT! Seems like a very mild case. He is no longer taking meds for addh because his mother and I and his grandfather see no improvement with the meds and it may be dangerous. It is not our drug of choice. The child does not like medications of any kind. Avoids them. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. BW 
Chesterfield, MO

Thanks. Son just got diagnosed.
Lynnwood, WA

One of my babysitting charges has tourettes. This web site has helped me understand his disorder better. Thank you so much for putting this website together.

Thanks for such an informative website! :o) My dd was just diagnosed and this website has helped answer questions and ease some fears. Thanks again! I will be returning often.
Darlene Kane Matthews
St. Petersburg, Florida

My daughter was diagnosed with TS on August 26, 2002. She just turned 10 years old on August 2. Your information has helped me a great deal. She is currently on Chlorodine .1mg. Her grimacing, contortions with eyeblinking, sniffing, clearing throat etc. have not subsided. We are now going to start her on .1mg bedtime and in the morning before school per her neurologist. I, like so many other parents, was devasted to hear this diagnosis, but have a very positive additude. My daughter Kelsi is a straight A student, a baton twirler for 4 years and has won 42 trophies. She loves chorus and swimming. After speaking to her neurologist, the symptoms, such as sniffing, clearing throat etc. were happening when she Kelsi was 7. Only now we see the large eyeballs that never seem to relax, and the stretching of her neck with the contortions of her face. I did feel so helpless because I could not "fix" my little girl. After reading so much material on TS, especially yours, I am feeling like there everything will turn out just fine. Thank you.

Great site. It has eased my heart and made me appreciate what I have. I have to control myself sometimes, but I am trying. I read this every now and then to lift myself back up so that my child is my primary concern. He is going to go on in life to do some wonderful things!!!! 
Gracie Adams
Escondido, CA

Our grandson is a possible TS kid. We just found out. he is 2 1/2 years old. Thanks for the uplifting letters. More testing is being done.

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